Kaleidoscopic Expressions of Grace

Image by: John Hain on Pixabay

I have always been enamoured with words. If language was a crown, each word is like a precious jewel that contributes unique richness, nuance and brilliance to it. When writing, I often find myself mining for the perfect word, that accurately captures the thought I want to convey. Moving through a list of synonyms is like playing with a kaleidoscope for me. With each twist of trying out a new word, I receive immediate feedback of the pattern that is created. I simply continue the audition process of word options, until I find the perfect gem. As with love, you just know when you find the right one, after some initial misfires.

There are certain words that sound beautiful to the human ear, and “grace is one of them for me. It exudes simplicity and a certain mystique, that almost defies definition. As it rolls off the tongue it arrives without fanfare, much as it does in our everyday experience. There are no silver bells that herald its arrival. Grace seems to show up in unsuspecting moments and quietly leaves the scene. Only later, may we realize that it had gifted us with its presence.

Grace has many facets and will likely mean something different, from one person to the next. Grace cannot be placed into a box and wrapped with a bow; it is a subjective experience. I used to think that our lives are sprinkled with discrete moments of grace. I now wonder if there is a stream of grace that is ever flowing, just waiting for an opening in our awareness.

When and how would grace be welcome in our everyday life? Let us “count the ways”. Perhaps in a holy moment of surrender when we cry out for a lifeline, as we cling to a frayed strand of hope. It may also be in a mundane moment of standing on a crowded bus while feeling unwell, desperately hoping that at least one kind, seated soul will take notice and respond.

Image by: John Hain on Pixabay

Kaleidoscopic expressions of grace are uniquely beautiful and personally meaningful. However, and whenever grace arrives, I do believe that a salient shift will register within our being. Whether it feels like a fog clearing, a door opening, a load lifting or a circle closing—there is a dawning of new consciousness. Our previous interface with reality gets transformed, giving way to a new one that elevates our experience in a beneficial way. I like to think of this process as the alchemy of grace.

When life does not line up to our specifications, we are bound to experience resistance. We keep bumping up against people, situations or conditions, that continually reinforce what we do not want. Mental and physical resistance can be very depleting, slowly eroding our reserves over time. So—when an unexpected lucky break, an unanticipated kind gesture or a startling twist of fate positively transforms our situation—we feel a measure of expansion again. It is not until then, that we realize just how contracted our circumstances had felt. We were waiting to exhale, and not aware of it.

Prior to life as we now know it, many of us were spinning along on our hamster wheels. There were deliverables to meet, errands to run and problems to solve every day. Within the bubble of our daily routines, it was easy to develop a myopic focus and slip into autopilot. However, if we were lucky, something unexpected may have grabbed our attention and pulled us out of our automaton state. Imagine a switch being flipped and all your senses going online, leaving you completely saturated in the present moment. What a gift of grace!

The more our experience of grace is deepened, the more open we become to inviting it in, receiving it or even extending it to another. Awareness of grace in our lives naturally pulls in gratitude. Any time we can shift our focus to gratitude, we become highly attractive people in the Law of Attraction universe. As we move through our everyday life, let us appreciate our encounters with grace. They hold great opportunities to participate in a sacred pause, allowing us to deeply absorb the fullness, richness and generosity of life.

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