Embracing Our Emotions

Any “Grey’s Anatomy” fans out there? Who remembers the line “you’re my person”, first spoken by Cristina Yang to Meredith Grey? Although I heard the phrase more than a decade ago, the concept is timeless. Life is full of rough patches and can get emotionally messy and disorienting at times. Many of us find solace … Continue reading Embracing Our Emotions

Beyond the Illusion

It would be so much easier if we could handle relationships as if they are milk cartons. Right away, we can tell when something is off or has gone bad. We do not ignore the signs and negate the reality of what we are sensing. We accept when a milk carton has expired and is … Continue reading Beyond the Illusion

Caged No More

Did you realize that we maintain a tag cloud of emotions for every person within our social network? The mere mention of a person’s name will summon a unique constellation of feelings that we associate with them. All of our previous interactions and experiences leave an emotional imprint on us. Certain emotions will be experienced … Continue reading Caged No More

Words Connect Us

Although the clocks sprung forward early this morning, my thoughts drifted back in time, to the arrival of 2021. There was a particular encounter that left an impression on me. I tucked the memory away for safekeeping. I knew the time would come when it would begin to stir within and ask to be shared.

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