Beyond the Illusion

Image by: Ri Butov from Pixabay

It would be so much easier if we could handle relationships as if they are milk cartons. Right away, we can tell when something is off or has gone bad. We do not ignore the signs and negate the reality of what we are sensing. We accept when a milk carton has expired and is beyond its “best-before” date. We recognize that it will no longer meet our needs and we do not try to hold onto it. We do not get stuck on questioning what went wrong and why it happened. We do not cast blame. We do not hold onto any false hopes that the milk will return to its previous state or that we can manipulate such a change. We do not seek closure. We do not cry over spoiled milk. We do not worry or stress over whether we will be able to find another milk carton that was as good as the one we had. We simply acknowledge that we must let it go, start fresh and move on.

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