Step Into The Stream of Solutions

Photo by: Photography Maghradze PH from Pexels

When someone asks how old you are, do you immediately know your exact age or are you in the ballpark, give or take a year or two on either side? As time marches on, I have paid less and less attention to this detail, as I see it as only a number. I belong to the camp of “you’re only as old as you feel” and I always feel younger than my biological age. I have also been told that I look younger than my age, which only serves to reinforce my lack of preoccupation with it.

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Regenerating Happiness

Image by: Stefan Keller from Pixabay

Have you ever walked into a room at home and then forgotten the reason why you went there? Although it may have been a short a short walk, it was enough time for your mind to go off on another tangent. While speaking to someone in a conversation, have you ever blanked out and lost your train of thought? Or perhaps you have listened to someone drone on, only to later discover that your mind wandered and you have no idea what they just said?

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Choosing Happiness Over History

Photo by: Andre Furtado from Pexels

Over the course of any given day, we make a number of decisions regarding how we will invest our time and energy. Every day is filled with a new mix of people and situations that vie for our attention and require us re-evaluate and reshuffle our priorities. However, there may be one or two items that are absolutely non-negotiable and always make the daily cut. For me, that would be my morning routine upon awakening. I always start my day by mentally listing the things that I am grateful for in the moment. This is followed by centering and grounding myself, meditating, seeking guidance and setting my intentions for the day.

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Embracing Our Emotions

Image by: Foxy_ on Pixabay

Any “Grey’s Anatomy” fans out there? Who remembers the line “you’re my person”, first spoken by Cristina Yang to Meredith Grey? Although I heard the phrase more than a decade ago, the concept is timeless. Life is full of rough patches and can get emotionally messy and disorienting at times. Many of us find solace knowing that we have at least one person that we can turn to and can confide in, when we are at low tide.

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Beyond the Illusion

Image by: Ri Butov from Pixabay

It would be so much easier if we could handle relationships as if they are milk cartons. Right away, we can tell when something is off or has gone bad. We do not ignore the signs and negate the reality of what we are sensing. We accept when a milk carton has expired and is beyond its “best-before” date. We recognize that it will no longer meet our needs and we do not try to hold onto it. We do not get stuck on questioning what went wrong and why it happened. We do not cast blame. We do not hold onto any false hopes that the milk will return to its previous state or that we can manipulate such a change. We do not seek closure. We do not cry over spoiled milk. We do not worry or stress over whether we will be able to find another milk carton that was as good as the one we had. We simply acknowledge that we must let it go, start fresh and move on.

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Caged No More

Did you realize that we maintain a tag cloud of emotions for every person within our social network? The mere mention of a person’s name will summon a unique constellation of feelings that we associate with them. All of our previous interactions and experiences leave an emotional imprint on us. Certain emotions will be experienced with greater frequency and intensity. They will stand out among the rest and dominate our overall impression of a person. Given that our relationships are fluid, the tag cloud of emotions will be updated with each new interaction.

Over time, we acquire a baseline of people’s behaviour patterns and can usually determine what to expect from future interactions. Additionally, if someone’s behaviour seems off or out of character, it can signal that something has changed for either the person, or the relationship itself. Some relationships feel light, easy-breezy and give us energy. We feel a sense of openness, acceptance and comfort within them. We experience enjoyment and gladly welcome the interactions that ensue from them. By contrast, other relationships feel heavy, uneasy and deplete our energy. We feel vulnerable, guarded and uncomfortable within them. We go out of our way to avoid or minimize our interactions in these types of relationships.

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Kaleidoscopic Expressions of Grace

Image by: John Hain on Pixabay

I have always been enamoured with words. If language was a crown, each word is like a precious jewel that contributes unique richness, nuance and brilliance to it. When writing, I often find myself mining for the perfect word, that accurately captures the thought I want to convey. Moving through a list of synonyms is like playing with a kaleidoscope for me. With each twist of trying out a new word, I receive immediate feedback of the pattern that is created. I simply continue the audition process of word options, until I find the perfect gem. As with love, you just know when you find the right one, after some initial misfires.

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